Top 5 Roof Repairs in Auckland

A well-maintained roof can add value to your home and increase its lifespan. It also helps to reduce energy costs. The best way to prevent damage is to have a regular inspection by a professional.

To do this, you should look for cracked or missing shingles. If you see any, it’s a good idea to get them repaired right away.

Affordable Roofing Ltd

Affordable Roofing Ltd specialises in flat roof repair. They’ll respond to any leaks 24/7 and can set up immediate temporary solutions until they can get there to conduct a permanent fix. They also offer scheduled maintenance programs.

They use Kiwi-made products that are designed for the Auckland climate, and they can even replace your spouting and guttering while working on your roof. They’re committed to ensuring their clients are informed and comfortable with every aspect of the project.

Fern Roofing Solutions

The company provides re-roofing, roofing repair, and gutter cleaning services. They also offer water blasting to remove grime and mould from the roof.

They use New Zealand-made Colorsteel materials to ensure their customers’ roofing can withstand the weather in Auckland. They can do re-roofing on tile, shingle, or corrugated iron roofs.

They can also handle flat roofs, which are commonly seen in industrial buildings. They can do repairing of leaks and rusting, as well as installation of skylights.

Johnson Roofing

Johnson Roofing is a family owned and operated commercial roofing company. It specializes in low-slope roof construction, repairs and reroofing. The company also has a maintenance and service division that helps customers extend the life of their roofs.

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Shamrock Reroofing

Shamrock Reroofing offers a variety of roofing solutions for homeowners. They can repair leaky roofs, replace shingles, and perform general maintenance. They also provide a 10-year guarantee on their work.

The company is experienced in repairing tile and shingle roofs, as well as pressed metal title, corrugated iron and colour steel. They can also replace gutters and repair skylights. They are committed to quality workmanship and professionalism.

Unlike walls and floors, roofs are often hidden from view, making it difficult to know when they need repairs. Fortunately, there are some warning signs to look out for. These include discolouration on the ceiling and walls.

Accredited Roofing & Coatings

Whether you have a leaking roof, brittle roofing, or cracked & rusty decramastic tiles, Accredited Roofing & Coatings has the solution. Their team of fully insured tradesmen use top-quality NZ-made coatings to protect your roof from the harsh Auckland weather.

They also offer roof maintenance programs to prevent leaks and keep your property safe. They follow health and safety regulations while working on your roof, as well as dispose of any waste promptly. They also provide a free quote.

Tyson Roofing

While a leaking roof isn’t the most obvious sign of damage, it can quickly compromise the structural integrity of your home. It’s essential to call a qualified professional when you see signs of leakage.

The tradesmen at Tyson Roofing are experienced in re-roofing and roof repairs Auckland wide. They are also able to install insulation, if required. They are experts in the use of zinc roofing, which can last up to four times longer than a steel roof.

Auckland Flat Roof & Waterproofing

The flat roofs of commercial and residential buildings are typically covered with membranes that resist UV, ozone and weathering. But they still need regular inspection and repair. When leaks occur, it is important to act quickly to prevent serious water damage.

Auckland Flat Roof & Waterproofing offers high-quality waterproofing solutions that will protect your commercial or residential property from damage caused by water leaks. Their team of experts can help you find a solution that will last the life of your building and save you money on costly repairs.

Enviro Roof Control

With more than 25 years of experience in Auckland, Enviro Roof Control is one of the top choices for a professional and reliable roofing company. Their services include roof repairs, re-roofing, and moss removal treatments. They work on all types of roofs, including clay and concrete.

They use New Zealand-made products, which is a great way to support the local economy. They can also replace gutters and spouting while working on the roof. They are also big fans of preventive maintenance and can do inspections and cleaning as needed.

Why House Washing Is Important

Over time, the exterior of your house can accumulate dirt, grime, and mould. Regularly washing your home can help restore its aesthetic appeal and prevent damage.

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply want it to look clean, house cleaning is a necessary maintenance task. It can also improve your home’s resale value and prevent expensive damage down the road.

Cleaning the exterior of your home

A regularly cleaned exterior can help to prevent the build up of mold and mildew, which can damage your home’s paintwork or brickwork. It is also a great way to improve your home’s resale value, and will protect your investment in your property.

When choosing a house washing Auckland service provider, it is important to consider their experience and expertise. You should also look for references and photos of their work. Also, make sure to ask about their licensing and insurance.

A standard house wash consists of removing cobwebs, spraying the low pressure chemical House Wash chem mix on to one wall of your house and rinsing it off. Remember to check and rinse all areas of your house that water can ingress into such as around windows, flashings and light fittings. Ensure that your white nozzle is always spraying at a sharp angle to avoid any unnecessary damage.

Preventing mold and mildew

Mold and mildew are a nuisance and can eat away at your home’s paint and underlying structure. But you can prevent their return by eliminating the moisture sources that they thrive in.

In the indoors, make sure that your house is well-ventilated, especially in high-moisture areas like bathrooms and basements. Vent your clothes dryers to the outside and run exhaust fans when cooking, showering and washing dishes. Use dehumidifiers to keep humidity below 50%.

When cleaning your home, make sure to wipe down window sills and screens regularly. Check gutters and drains for leaks, and repair them as soon as you notice any. It is also important to regularly clean and sanitise outdoor spaces, especially those that are frequented by children or pets. Keep your yard free of twigs and branches that may block your gutters and drains. Regular window washing by a professional can help to prevent these blockages, as well as moss and other greenery that will grow on your home.

Increasing your home’s resale value

House washing is an investment that can significantly increase your home’s resale value. It removes unsightly dirt, grime, mildew and bird droppings, and makes your home look new again. It also prolongs the life of your paint, which can save you money on future repainting costs.

In addition, a professionally cleaned exterior gives a good impression to potential buyers and renters. Washing your home’s exterior is especially important if you are thinking of selling or renting it out.

When choosing a house washing company, look for one with extensive experience and excellent customer reviews. You should also consider factors such as training, safety protocols, and insurance coverage. These factors can help you make the best decision for your home and ensure a professional and safe job. A reputable house washing West Auckland company will also provide after-service support and warranty options. They will be able to answer any questions you may have and will give you a quote for the work that needs to be done.

Preventing damage

We see damage from water blasters and house washing on a daily basis. Stripped paint, gouged cladding and blown lights are just some of the problems that can occur if your home or business isn’t cleaned correctly. It takes extreme care and precision to get this right. Ensure that your chosen professional wears protective equipment and has the skills to wash your property without damaging it.

It’s also important to give thought to any delicate plant life on your property and move it away from areas that you’ll be spraying. It’s easy for hoses to get tangled and damaged when they are dragged around corners or pulled across the surface of a building. The best house washing Auckland companies will know how to avoid this. They will use a mixture of sodium hypochlorite, water and liquid citrus surfactant that’s safe for almost all house washing applications. This will prevent any damage from the chemical wash and protect the surfaces that are being washed.

Wedding Photographer in Wellington

Wedding photographers capture the memories of your nuptial day. It’s a huge responsibility, so choose carefully. Avoid basing your decision on price alone, as cheaper photographers may lack experience and skill.

Billie Brook focuses on capturing the emotions that are present in every shot. She also specializes in maternity and newborn photography. She has a unique style that’s perfect for modern brides.

We Do Photography & Design

Benjamin and Elise at We Do Photography & Design love to take pictures of genuine moments. This is why their photos are so captivating, always telling a story about a couple’s happy day. They also offer a wedding video package to immortalise your Big Day even more.

Their inspiration is clean lines, negative space, photojournalism and real connections. They have the privilege of joining couples on their once-in-a-lifetime adventures and capturing their most special moments.

They can be found in Wellington and are available for worldwide weddings. They believe that everyone has a unique story and their job is to capture the beautiful, fleeting moments. They are able to make you laugh, cry and want to do it all over again. They also have a fun, down-to-earth personality that makes them easy to work with.


Foto Diem is a wedding photographer in Wellington that has built a stellar reputation for its tastefully excellent photographs. They offer a variety of photography services, including weddings, engagements, family potraits, and maternity photo shoots. They work closely with their clients to bring their dreams to life.

They are a fun and friendly couple that love documenting beautiful fleeting moments. They will capture every little detail of your special day so that you can relive it again and again. Their packages include a full day of coverage and 150 colour-corrected images. They also offer high-definition wedding videos. You can check out their website to see their previous works. You will not regret hiring them! They will make you feel at ease right from the start.

Jinal Govind Photography

Jinal Govind is a professional wedding photographer who is passionate about creative storytelling. He understands that your wedding day is the beginning of a life-long adventure and can help you document all the small moments that make it special.

His approach to photography is unique and focuses on the natural beauty of your surroundings. He is also available for destination weddings.

When choosing a photographer, look for one that is within your budget. This will ensure that you get the best photos without breaking the bank. In addition, look for a photographer who offers online sharing so you can share your photos with family and friends. This will save you time and stress. Also, look for a photographer who is flexible with their packages.

Aaron & Isabel

A wedding photographer has an epic impact on the people at your special day. The cherished memories are an invaluable reminder of the love and commitment you share for one another, as well as tying your loved ones closer together.

Designated Survivor star Elena Tovar plays the role of Isabel Pardo, the White House Director of Social Innovation and a Latin American activist. Her character often clashes with Aaron over their differences, as she’s a spirited woman who’s comfortable in her own skin and passionate about her cause.

Cath Fitzgerald Photography is a Wellington-based photographer who loves to capture the authentic, emotional moments of your big day. Her style is both editorial and elegant, giving you wedding photos that are timeless. She takes a collaborative approach, with pre-wedding meetings to ensure she understands your personality and the way you want to be photographed.

Sarah of Lucalia Photography

Sarah of Lucalia Photography is a wedding photographer in Wellington that captures authentic moments of love. She specializes in outdoor weddings and engagement photos. She aims to make her clients feel at ease, even if they’re camera-shy. She also offers a videography package.

Jo Moore is a Wellington and Auckland wedding photographer that focuses on capturing genuine emotions. She’s great with children and will help you make the most of your photo shoot. Her pictures tell a story, highlighting the smallest gestures like yawns and horse laughs. Her candid photos will ensure that you remember every detail of your special day. It’ll be a treasure to keep for generations to come. Moreover, she’s a fun photographer that will make you smile even when you look at the pictures.

Pelican Protector Cases

Pelican Protector Cases are used to store and transport some of the most prized equipment in a photographers arsenal. The cases also secure electronics, chemicals, information and more.

The cases are built rugged and can withstand some of the harshest environments on earth. They feature double-throw latches and are IP67 ingress protection certified.


Whether you’re packing expensive electronics or valuable photographic equipment, Pelican cases keep your gear safe. They’re a popular choice among photographers to keep camera and lighting gear safe on set, and their hard-sided design keeps it secure while traveling.

Even their smaller case options offer impressive protection. The Micro series is perfect for iPods and other petite electric gadgets, while the 1700 model offers no-nonsense rifle and shotgun protection.

It’s large enough to fit two rifles plus scopes and plenty of other accessories. And it’s watertight, crushproof, dustproof and can withstand extreme temperatures—along with an automatic purge valve that equalizes interior pressure changes when you fly or reach high altitudes. Also worth checking out is the Mobile Military line, which features transport cases designed to carry all the gear you could need on the go.


Sensitive equipment needs protection and these Pelican cases deliver. With an automatic purge valve that equalizes atmospheric pressure, a watertight silicone O-ring lid and over-molded rubber handles, they’re designed to handle the harshest environments on earth.

Many models feature a pick-and-pluck foam rubber interior, which can be modified to hold different types of gear. You can even fit a camera with a lens attached by using the padded dividers.

Some users have taken to tying their case shut with zip ties during flights to keep it from accidentally popping open, but this isn’t an ideal solution. The latches are sturdy enough to stay closed if you lock them securely, though. And they’re covered by the warranty in case they do pop open in transit.


If you want to take your camera gear to the beach or out on the water, a Pelican case will protect it from water and dirt. Pelican cases also have a dusttight seal that keeps out contaminants.

The company is committed to safety, and their products are backed up by generous warranties. They also give back to local communities and aid those affected by calamities.

This case features a tough polycarbonate outer shell and a shock-absorbing rubber interior. Its Pick n’ Pluck foam allows you to customize the space inside, making it easy to fit your equipment. To do so, simply trace the outline of your gun or other equipment and remove small cubes of foam until the shape fits snugly. It’s even TSA-approved for air travel.


Corrosion-resistant Pelican cases keep your equipment safe from environmental pollutants, which can damage the case and its contents. They also feature corrosion-resistant latches, hardware and handles. You can even use them in wet environments and underwater.

Each injection-molded case is unbreakable, watertight, dustproof and chemical resistant. It features a solid exterior wall with an open honeycomb cell core for strength and lightweight protection. Its automatic purge valve keeps out water and dust, and it equalizes interior pressure changes when flying or changing altitudes.

You can organize your gear inside the Pelican Protector with Trekpak dividers and Pick N Pluck foam. It’s easy to cut into the foam and shape it to fit your equipment. You can also add a card with your name and phone number in the card holder, so you can get your equipment back should it be lost or stolen.


If you carry expensive electronics, it’s a good idea to protect them with Pelican cases. The company is well-known among photographers for its hard-sided case to keep their camera gear safe, and it also makes cases for firearms, boating equipment and vehicle cargo.

Pelican cases use foam that allows the user to customize the space to fit specific items by using the pick-and-pluck system. Individual cubes of the foam can be plucked out to create custom spaces for anything from a full-size DSLR camera with two lenses to a flashlight.

Pelican cases are designed to withstand the elements and travel through some of the harshest environments on earth. They are also backed by a lifetime warranty against breakage. They have an automatic purge valve that equalizes air pressure, a watertight silicone O-ring lid and stainless steel hardware.