Housekeeping Tips – The Role of Carpet Cleaning Services


Carpet cleaning is something that people look forward to when they are purchasing a new home. They want the floor to be clean so that their furniture is protected from being stained. Since so many people are interested in North Shore Carpet Cleaning Services, we will discuss what is required to get the best carpet cleaning service.

Since your carpet can get dirty, there are some things that you can do to keep it clean. You do not want to let dirt and debris collect around your carpets as this can cause mold and mildew to grow, which can be a problem as far as your home’s air quality is concerned. By keeping your carpet clean, you will help to prevent such problems.

Vacuum regularly. Most people realize that vacuuming is important but it is good to remind ourselves of this every week. Cleaning the carpet with a vacuum will help remove large amounts of dirt and debris. When it is dry, it will not allow dirt to collect.

Use a rug or mat if it is available. Using a rug will help to prevent molds and mildew from growing on your carpet. It is also a good idea to use a mat if you have a hardwood floor as this will help to trap in dirt.

Do not use cleaners with harsh chemicals. These chemicals can be harmful to people with allergies. If you are not sure about the type of cleaner you will be using, you should ask for assistance from the service provider.

Use a cleaner that is fragrance free. The scent that a product has is what helps it to be effective at cleaning. This will help keep you from getting a rash or allergic reaction after using a product.

Thoroughly clean your carpet. Try to do this each time you change the old one with the new one. This will help keep your carpet from being soiled and it will also keep your room smelling fresh.

Change the drapes periodically. If you use curtains or window treatments, make sure that they are changed each time you clean your carpet. If you are planning to use a darker color on your carpet, it is a good idea to add a light shade to it.

You should consider buying a vacuum that uses a high quality bag. It will be good to wash them on a regular basis as well. This will prevent you from having to clean them frequently.

Use cloth towels to wipe off spills. They will not absorb the liquid and will allow you to clean the spill without risking harming your carpet. It is also better to use a few layers of cloth towels rather than just one thick towel to wipe up the spill.

When leaving stains, it is a good idea to apply a cleaner before you put the stain in the area. Doing this will help prevent the stain from drying out and it will allow you to treat the stain before it dries out completely. There are also several types of stains that can be treated with vinegar.

As you can see, there are some basic housekeeping tips that you should consider when you are considering North Shore Carpet Cleaning Services. Once you have been using carpet cleaning services, you will realize that it is not a chore anymore. It will be one of the best aspects of your household’s cleaning.

Panelbeaters Auckland – Beauty School of Beauty


Panelbeaters Auckland is one of the leading beauty treatments centers in New Zealand. The International Beauty School, which is run by the company in association with the famous and respected artist, Beryl Dallas, is a renowned practitioner of beautification for ages. A good list of the latest skin procedures and services is available to their customers for a large variety of skin concerns, skin diseases and skin conditions.

The effective solutions offered by Panelbeaters are at a high standard of beauty and quality. Expert service is offered to keep customers satisfied they are, because Panelbeaters offers an excellent and extended range of anti-aging and youth care services, skin treatments of skin conditions.

Over time, skin problems may result from skin exposure to environmental elements. Skin exposed to such elements might become sensitive to sudden changes in temperatures, for example, so that the skin may crack, peel or flake. At the same time, skin exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun might also be exposed to sun damage and cause the skin to wrinkle, age and look older.

As a part of the personal health care service, the treatment for the skin is often chosen for the outcome. This may depend on the desired outcome of the skin problem. A lot of procedures are offered by Panelbeaters including bleaching, peeling, pore tightening, anti aging treatments, and even Botox, the cosmetic procedure, is also available as part of a treatment.

The company offers an extensive range of services that range from treatments for pigmentation, skin cancer and even for hair removal. The nature of each skin problem or skin disease, which the company offers will reflect on the extent and the service provided by Panelbeaters, though other processes may be offered too, for example, skin rejuvenation, chemical peels, skin bleaching and laser resurfacing.

Facial treatments like the ozone treatment, wrinkle reduction and even laser resurfacing are also carried out by Panelbeaters. The skin treatment process is generally aimed at diminishing the appearance of the skin’s flaws, age spots, wrinkles, and any other skin problems, and make it look and feel younger. Anti aging skin treatments like the treatments for skin pigmentation, which have led to the development of a new type of skin treatment for the generation to come, is also one of the many processes offered by Panelbeaters.

Procedures like the tretinoin and the retinoid treatments are also offered by Panelbeaters, too. The main reason behind the popularity of the services offered by Panelbeaters is the effectiveness in using the procedure. The effects on the skin can include the resolution of the problem, making the skin looks younger, healthier and more vibrant.

Based on the structure of the skin, there are the different layers that make up the skin care regimen and these include, but are not limited to, the epidermis, the dermis, the subcutaneous fat, and the subcutaneous tissue. The products which are offered by Panelbeaters aim to penetrate all these layers, and remove the toxins that build up in the skin. This is also a part of the business which is why they sell a range of beauty products.

The process of skin care which is done by the professionals of Panelbeaters is also quite common. The benefits of a healthy, beautiful skin are easily obtained through the use of modern technology, today, most skin care products are developed using the state of the art technologies, which include multi sensory and non-chemical, which make the skin look and feel younger and more beautiful.

When looking for a skin care product, you should be aware of the ingredients present in the product. The product is needed to work, the effects of the product are realized and you should select a skin care product that is well within your budget and meet your needs. You can also seek the advice of your doctor to determine which skin care product you should use.

If you want to see the best results from your skin care products, select an expert who can offer you professional advice and ensure that the products you are using are in line with your needs. Panelbeaters Auckland provides a wide range of quality products and services to match the needs of their customers. Whether it is cleansing services for face masks, hair care for dark spots or skin, or for skincare solutions, the experts at Panelbeaters offer beauty solutions to meet the demands of their customers.

Top Tips for Using Residential Construction Companies

Top Tips for Using Residential Construction Companies

Residential construction companies are a great way to find the right products and services for your commercial or residential building. You can get them to perform the work yourself, but it is easier to have a trained and skilled person doing this work for you.

The Internet has made it easy for us to find anything we want to know about virtually anything at any time of the day or night. Why not use this same technology for the many different types of services that residential construction companies offer? It is a low cost solution for the small home owner to obtain a variety of services in one stop.

There are literally thousands of residential construction companies in New Zealand that you can contact for a wide variety of reasons. The residential property industry in Auckland is competitive, and many of these companies are seeking great tradesmen to do the work they do.

You will need to spend some time looking around to get all the information that you need before you sign on with a residential construction company. Here are a few things that you need to consider:

Some residential construction companies are certified, while others are not. Check to see if they are certified by New Zealand’s Construction Accreditation Authority, which inspects construction companies to ensure that they meet international standards and that their workers are qualified.

If your project is in a stormy area, then your maintenance company may not be able to get to your house as quickly as you would like. Residential construction companies are usually insured for certain costs if they cannot make it to your home in time to fix something. Ask them about this possibility.

In the event that your building needs to be waterproofed, do not underestimate the ability of a residential construction company to handle this service. Of course, there are experts in this field as well, but the average company that you speak to should be able to handle the job.

There are many other types of problems that could arise and it is best to be informed. Take your time to research the services of a construction company before you make a decision.

The employees of a residential construction company should all be well trained and skilled in their field. They should also be courteous, polite, and hard working people.

You can feel confident that their work will come out well and that there will be no accidents or rough spots. You can have confidence in the people who are working on your project because they will always work hard and do their best to deliver a quality job.

Your residential construction company should not only provide building materials, but should also help you with the electrical wiring and plumbing. Even if you decide to use your own contractors for the electrical and plumbing, they should still be working with you to make sure everything is done right.

Before you begin your project, have your contractor’s check it out and get the plans. Also make sure that you get any necessary permits from the city before your project begins.

Pest Control Near Me


Pest control near me should be an easy task. We are surrounded by these creatures, and we don’t even know what they are.

You can brush off your neighbor or anyone else that lives nearby as a slumlord or some other name for a person who doesn’t want to keep their property clean and disease-free, but they simply can’t be blamed for the diseases and infestations that plague our neighborhoods every day. Let’s take a look at what happens when we leave a potential problem unattended for too long.

There is no reason that we should not know when we have a problem. We may be aware of the pests that exist in our own backyard, but often these people do not get the message that they need to be more diligent about their cleaning. We can only trust the services of a professional pest control if we do not take advantage of the warning signs that we see. Often, we don’t even know what to look for.

Often, the first sign that a problem exists on your property’s exterior is an appearance of black mold growing over the surface of your windows, doors, and floorboards. Once you see it, you can look around the home to find evidence of such. If you see a very heavy buildup of such on the trim, then you will need to act quickly to get rid of it.

Another of the most common causes of this issue is carpenter ants. In fact, there are many different species of these creatures, so any one in particular may be more problematic than others. No matter which species you see, however, the damage they can do is to wood that is growing over wood and carpet.

A person cannot expect to live in their home for any period of time if it is an issue that continually causes them to see that they have to call a plumber, or the neighbors to come and check on them. The issue must be addressed. As long as we go out of our way to ignore pests, we can never hope to contain them.

You can start to assess your home in your garage, basement, or work table, but often we are forced to address a problem when we notice it first. Sometimes it’s simply time to move that window over there, or if you want to avoid having to call pest control, then take steps to ensure that the treatment is being handled in a timely manner.

Many people are unaware that their new area rug actually qualifies as a pest that requires pest control. These animals are known as dust mites and can ruin everything from curtains and pillows to carpet and wood. To make matters worse, these little beasts are a great breeding ground for bed bugs, so just like in the rest of the world, carpet is not really a safe place for them to be.

Try looking in the walls to find evidence of these creatures, as well. They hide in corners and will crawl up walls, so often the easiest place to look is right under carpeting. That is why most rugs are sprayed with an insecticide, to make sure that they are all cleaned up in one shot.

When you hire pest control companies to come and fix the problem, they are able to offer an alternative solution to the common methods that are used to combat the problem. Some of these include dusting carpets, sealing cracks, and sealing seams.

Keep in mind that these treatments are not cheap, but they do offer you a method to remedy the situation. Make sure that you understand all of the information that comes with the service before you commit to it, but the results can truly make your home a safer place for you and your family.

Now that you have a better understanding of what comes along with a treatment for pests in your home, you should be happy about the opportunities that are available to you. However, you have to realize that we are living in a world of extremes, and that you can’t guarantee that you will always have an easy time finding a way to eliminate this problem.

The Benefits of Certified Organic Cotton

When your items are scanned at a clothing store, you are voting for local or not, organic or not. Companies make the decision to buy certain products based on customer preference. Individual consumers can make big changes, simply by making informed purchases.

We put a lot of importance into the shape, style and fit of the clothes we buy but we often overlook the process and materials used to make the clothing. Cotton can be one of the most environmentally damaging crops. Of the world’s cropland, 2.4% is planted with cotton but accounts for 24% and 11% of the global sale of insecticides and pesticides.

Organic Cottons crops are not treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and Genetically Modified Organisms, which is better for the environment, wildlife, farmers, workers and consumers.

The Harmful Effects of Pesticides

Source: Huffington Post


Growing non-organic cotton requires huge amounts of water and chemicals. The chemical run off from these crops ends up in our lakes, rivers, oceans and other waterways. It creates a harmful circle of effects as we drink that water, animals that we eat drink it as well as plants. Pesticides have been found in our food, farm animals and even breast milk, which can cause neurodevelopment effects on children.


The chemical residue can also be found on fabrics. This can cause irritation to the skin, rashes and even headaches and dizziness. Less than 1% of all cotton is grown organically. The good news is that we can change this and reduce these harmful effects by purchasing certified organic cottons.

Organic Cotton Vs. Conventional cotton

Source: Study by LCA funded

*Nutrients leaching from soil erosion

**Water withdrawn from groundwater or surface water bodies via irrigation


It’s important to note that not all organic cottons are made the same. At Sitka, we use Global Organic Textile Standard Cottons (GOTS). We chose this particular certification due to its international standards, reliability and credibility. Companies seeking this certification have to meet a number of different requirements for criteria covering “production, processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, exportation, importation and distribution of all natural fibre products”.


  • Material must be at least 95% organic, as certified by recognized international or national standards
  • Materials 70% organic can be labeled “made with organic”
  • Materials need to be processed separately from conventionally-grown fiber
  • Inputs like dyes and oils need to be biodegradable and free of harsh chemicals like phthalates, PVC, synthetic sizing agents, and chlorine bleach.
  • They must keep a full record of any chemical inputs to their manufacturing process
  • The waste water from all wet processing units must be treated in a functional waste water treatment plant
  • The fiber cannot come from a genetically modified organism
  • Facilities must maintain minimum fair labor practices from the Internal Labor Organization
  • Fabric and products must meet high standards for residue testing
  • Packaging material must not contain PVC. Paper or cardboard used in packaging material, hang tags, swing tags etc must be recycled or certified according to FSC or PEFC

Choosing the right fabrics is essential to supporting a better environment. Make informed decisions about clothing you are buying by researching the company and fabrics.

Teaming Up To Protect Old-Growth Forests

Watt and volunteers carrying second-growth cedar planks. Photo provided.

Near the increasingly bustling coastal community of Port Renfrew B.C. resides a venerable old-growth forest called Avatar Grove. This October, the Ancient Forest Alliance (AFA) completed construction of a Preservation Pathway, or forest boardwalk, to showcase the grove’s biodiverse and expansive majesty. Three summers of the boardwalk’s construction included the help of over 100 volunteers, donations from the general public, and support from local businesses. The Sitka Society for Conservation (SSC) raised around $4000 for the project.

The Ancient Forest Alliance is an organization founded in 2010 that works to protect old-growth forests and encourage sustainable forestry in British Columbia. Sitka teamed up with the AFA through our non-profit organization (SSC) which collects at least one percent of all Sitka sales to be allocated to focused environmental initiatives. Sitka’s donation to the boardwalk was used to purchase materials like locally milled and responsibly selected second-growth cedar.

“It’s inspiring to see how [many] local citizens and businesses care about the environment around us,” says AFA Co-Founder, Campaigner and Photographer TJ Watt, “it’s our natural heritage that makes B.C. so valuable.“

Avatar Grove’s boardwalk was installed above a progressively popular dirt trail in order to minimize impact on the environment. The Preservation Pathway stretches about three feet wide, lifting visitors up off the ground in order to protect the roots of big trees and plants dwelling in floor’s undergrowth. It also increases human safety by offering easier access to the naturally rugged display. Watt says the pathway is “a great educational tool” for people to learn about endangered old-growth forests.

Old-growth forests house some of the largest trees in B.C. and feature intricately diverse wildlife habitats. They grow at low to high production rates, evident in their lush foliage and massive trunk diameters. These forests support climate stability, endangered species, clean water, wild salmon, and Indigenous culture. Old-growth forests also absorb more carbon than younger forests, suggested in a widely cited study published by a science journal in 2014.

“Old-growth forests store two to three times more atmospheric carbon than the second-growth tree plantations they’re being replaced with. The logging industry still wrongly insists that we should be cutting old-growth and planting young trees to absorb carbon more quickly,” says Watt.

“Newly-planted trees are only trying to re-sequester the carbon that was lost when you logged the old-growth. It’s like giving away your million dollar savings on the promise of well paying job. You’re much better off just keeping the money in the bank.”

Satellite images from AFA indicate that 75 percent of productive-old growth forests have already been logged on Vancouver Island, including 90 percent of valley bottoms where the most largest trees grow. “It’s a pretty dire situation,” says Watt.


Before and after satellite images provided by Scott and the AFA.

The B.C. government reports that 18 percent of B.C.’s 25 million hectares of old-growth forests are protected from logging, and that 37 percent of old-growth forests on Vancouver Island crown land are protected. Meanwhile, the AFA states that “the B.C. government’s old-growth statistics are highly misleading, intended to make it seem like a large fraction of old growth still remain and are protected.”

Watt explains factors impacting government statistics include the counting of low-productivity forests, which are classified as old-growth but not commercially valuable as high-productivity forests like Avatar Grove, and the government’s discounting of private land which used to be regulated as crown land.

In the early nineties, multiple interest groups called on the government to protect old-growth forests on Vancouver Island. The government reports that about 12 percent of the island’s land base was protected by the resulting plan that is still in place over 20 years later. The AFA maintains that the 1994 Vancouver Island Land Use Plan only protected about six percent of Vancouver Island’s productive old-growth forests in parks and “did not factor in climate change and. . . did not include any significant ecological science nor First Nations input.”

Part of the AFA’s goal is to invite the B.C. government to revamp protection strategies. The Liberal government is under increasing pressure to amend the “outdated” plan, as reported by the AFA.

TJ Watt stumbled upon Avatar Grove in December 2009 and brought the AFA Executive Director Ken Wu to the area in early 2010. Within the two month window, the area had been surveyed for logging, and Wu and Watt launched a campaign to save Avatar Grove almost instantly. By 2012, 60 hectares of Avatar Grove became an old-growth management area that is protected from logging. Watt says it was “sheer luck” that he’d come across the area in time to save the old-growth forest.

Protecting the area took non-stop campaigning, including sending letters to the government, working with local politicians, and getting thousands of people hiking the trails. The largest contribution to the grove’s protection came from the AFA collaborating with local businesses and the Port Renfrew Chamber of Commerce. Watt proposed ecotourism as a huge economic driver for the community which traditionally depends on resource extraction.

“Small towns that are historically built on resource extraction to sustain their economies need a way to go into the future,” says Watt, “Port Renfrew has shown that ecotourism, especially around big trees, can be huge.”

“We’re hoping it’s a role model for other communities.”

Volunteers building around in the Lower Grove area. Photo provided.


However, Watt is careful to encourage balance rather than polarity in terms of forest protection. He says that maintaining the forestry industry is also important, but that logging should be sustainably executed. “There’s always a better way,” he says.


For example, the government might encourage foresters to employ selective logging techniques that protect endangered areas, as well as create incentives for local mills and manufacturers to make products from B.C. trees versus “loading them onto trucks, driving through town, and dumping them in the ocean to be sent [overseas] ,” says Watt.


Until then, the AFA continues to offer conservation education and involvement—inviting you to experience an ancient forest in Avatar Grove is just one of the organization’s many projects supporting the overall goal to gain provincial protection of old-growth forests across B.C.


Watt says, “rather than wait until the world is a perfect utopia, we have to celebrate little victories along the way and work within existing frameworks the best we can.”


Volunteers and Watt showing off their carpentry skills. Photo provided.


Due to recent extensive storms, part of the boardwalk has been compromised and the official completion launch is pushed until Spring 2017. The AFA needs you! You can volunteer with or learn more about the Ancient Forest Alliance by visiting:

Surfboard Ding Repairs in Auckland

Got a niggly ding that needs repairing professionally on your surfboard? Drop it off 11c Rupeke Place in Henderson and Hayden will fix it up just like new.

No matter what your board type, shape, or material, we can fix it to the highest level, and bring your favourite stick back to life.

Pop in with your board for an estimate, or give us a call on the phone 09 962 1904

Meet The Sitka Maker Episode One – Rob Pinkney, Blacksmith

Rob Pinkney is Sitka’s blacksmith. He’s based in Te Awamutu, Waikato, and has one of the most beautifully setup traditional forge’s in New Zealand.

With a passion for creating handmade working tools, Rob also has a huge knowledge of New Zealand history and a passion to bring together the history behind the tools, and the steel that makes them.

Our first tool we’ve made together is The New Zealand trade axe, or Patiti. The axe was an incredibly valuable trade item in the 1800’s, most notably when Samuel Marsden used 12 axe heads to purchase 80ha of land in the Bay of Islands. A fair sum of 16 acres of land per head! Around the 1860’s as the Musket and Land wars occured. Traded axe heads had become a popular war weapon for Maori with the handles fashioned out of wood or whale bone with ornate carvings decorating them.

Rob’s axes are a folded style head with a carbon steel insert in the leading edge blade which is firewelded to perfection. Each handle of the Trade Axes are hand carved from locally sourced hardwood timbers creating an absolutely unique finished product that is fit for purpose.

Rob’s forge in Te Awamutu is as traditional as they come, with everything done by hand, and a timing which only experience can create. Fire welding is the pinnacle of any blacksmith’s skill set and something which Rob has manage to perfect over the years.

Cabin Fever is Spreading on Ponsonby Road

It’s been quite some time since Ponsonby Road has had a core surf shop, but that has recently changed, with the arrival of environmentally responsible, Canadian made clothing and surf brand Sitka.


Click image above for photo gallery

Sitka partnered up with The Fit Out Company to transform 125 Ponsonby Road in to an upcycled log cabin where people walk off the street and in to a world of wonderment, filled with responsibly made clothing, environmental education, and of course a hub for surf enthusiasts.

This is New Zealand’s new home for the Canadian originated and made label, crafted from natural fibres including recycled wools, organic cotton, and waxed cotton outerwear. Among their own Sitka label you can also find a myriad of locally made and produced items and brands which are closely aligned with Sitka’s ethos and attention to quality and longevity including The Loyal Workshop, Boards By Blank, NOE Surfboards, Southern Anchor leather goods, and Offcut Caps.

Sitka clothes are made to last, created with the conscious consumer in mind. As a bonus – the brand offers free clothing repairs on all Sitka products nationwide through their flagship and stockists. As a member of 1% For The Planet, the business donates 1% of all sales to local not for profit Sustainable Coastlines.

As well as Sitka’s own brand of surf inspired and hardwearing adventure wear, the Sitka Cabin is also home to New Zealand’s widest range of Patagonia Yulex wetsuits, a world first, plant based alternative to neoprene. The Sitka store also is the flagship for philanthropic footwear and eyewear brand Toms, which has so far donated more than 50 million pairs of shoes as part of its One For One programme, and has restored sight to more than 360,000 people through its eyewear sales. With no compromise on good looks.

Sitka opened its first New Zealand store in 2009, in Newmarket – using almost entirely repurposed shop fittings, including existing joinery, demolition fixtures and rough-milled woods destined for the mulcher. The welcoming new Ponsonby space takes upcycling and repurposing to heart too, with its entire store fit out being reused from previous projects.

Managing Director Andrew Howson thinks Ponsonby Road is the perfect place for the Cabin’s newest incarnation. “Ponsonby is a hub of people from all walks of life but more importantly the level of knowledge people have on their clothing choices is really encouraging. People seem to be really enthused by a company who is hands on from start to finish in the manufacturing of it’s products which is right up our alley.”

Surf, Eat, Repeat: Haida Gwaii Through The Lens Of Arran Jackson

Nature! Photo provided by Arran Jackson.

Arran Jackson and his brother Reid are long time Sitka activists living in tandem with the natural world. They recently spent three weeks riding waves and playing in the forests of Canada’s most remote archipelago: Haida Gwaii. The Jacksons field test Sitka goods, capture surreal analogue and digital footage, ride Sitka boards, and travel around living the Canadian surfer’s dream. These brothers embody Sitka’s essence: they celebrate an authentic appreciation for the wild, and they seek to share its beauty and fortify our connection to the environment. Sitka caught up with Arran Jackson to get the gritty and majestic details of their trip.

Sitka acknowledges Haida Gwaii as traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Haida people. Being unceded means that a treaty between the Crown and Haida was never signed. In 2009, the Council of the Haida Nation successfully moved the B.C. government to change the name from Queen Charlotte Islands to Haida Gwaii as part of a reconciliation agreement to increase acknowledgement of the Haida Nation and its land claim efforts.

Haida Gwaii is located along the Queen Charlotte Fault and is separated from the B.C. mainland by the Hecate Strait. The islands have been situated there for around 20 million years, yet they contain materials dating back 250 million. Jackson says the landscape includes lava formations and a seemingly tropical coastline that is mixed with coniferous trees. He explains that Haida Gwaii is teaming with a variety of natural foods like dungeness crab, fish, mushrooms, mussels and deer; foraging and hunting after surfing all day was not uncommon for the Jackson’s during their visit.

“Art, play and education: Life is an art, play is a must and educating yourself is continuous.”


A clean ride. Photo provided by Arran Jackson.

Sitka: What was the purpose of the trip? Describe a typical day.

Jackson: “Wake up in your bivy sac  [a waterproof sock-like cover for a sleeping bag] under the tarp and try to get your pants on while staying dry. Get the coffee going and look at the ocean. Usually wait till the tide is good or if it’s really raining, just put on your suit and surf basically to keep your clothes dry. Surf, eat, repeat until the tide is wrong and then go look for food. Deer, fish, mushrooms and beer are the staples.” 

Jackson describes notable surf spots including areas along the Hecate Strait, which is exposed to swells this time of year. He describes ideal offshore winds and perfect groomers every day. He also mentions Rose Spit, a mystical low lying peninsula that sticks out toward Alaska that features amazing waves, but is difficult to get to.

Sitka: What makes Haida Gwaii so spectacular?

Jackson: “Everything! But mostly the people. The Haida spirit is strong! Culture is alive and well, for settlers and Haida alike. Like most places, the Islands have a “give respect and get respect” thing going on. As long as you give it, the people return it with amplitude. The surf community is young by today’s standards, meaning people have space and are willing to share. Crowds and assholes haven’t made grumps! It’s not uncommon to meet someone on the beach, have a conversation, and be invited over for a meal! People share everything.”


Humble and happy. Photo provided.

Sitka: What is the general attitude toward environmentalism in Haida Gwaii?

Jackson: “Resource extraction and management has been going on a long time in Haida Gwaii. The landscape has been permanently altered by heavy industrial logging and the introduction of deer. Because of this, the understory has been completely destroyed by the deer who have overpopulated with no predators, which makes for a unique forest. You can walk for miles uninterrupted in what was once impenetrable.”

“Although the land has gone through a dramatic change, it seems the people are not stuck in the past and are optimistic about the future. They take the environment for what it is. The deer are a staple food source. Time moves at a slower pace on the islands, almost a crawling immortal pace. The understanding of acting on behalf of future generations has not been lost like in most of Canada by the rise of the individual agenda, selfishness and ego. I think people are more connected to the environment here because so many people still depend on it for all the essentials. I got the impression that [local] understanding of sustainability is more immediate and deeply rooted.”


Space is big. Photo by Arran Jackson.

Sitka: In what ways do you work to honour Indigenous culture while you were there?

Jackson: “I think one way we can honour Indigenous culture is to be aware that you are a visitor and to acknowledge the traditional territories you visit or live on. This is a very small act, but it all starts with awareness and respect for the people, the land, and the connections between them. Be observant, ask questions and take nothing for granted. These are not our lands and not our culture. I think the best mindset is to think of ourselves as allies. A shit ton of damage has been done throughout Canadian history to culture, but the Indigenous spirit is strong. I was once told that all the necessary components for healing exist within the people.”

“As long as we keep this in mind, we can learn a lot about forming connections to our environment and learning to become present in our current space and time. As awareness of the connection to our space increases, our inherent need to protect the environment increases with it. The more people we can get off the couch and detached from the consumerism and self centred realities and into a connection with the natural world, the healthier our population and environment will be! It’s a symbiotic relationship. Environmental stewardship needs to be passed on to the next generation. I try and educate others and share this understanding.” 

Hiking is to surfing as wetsuit is to skin. Photo provided by Arran Jackson.

Sitka: In what ways did you feel connected to the land while you were there?

Jackson: “In every way! Following weather and tide cycles and playing in the ocean daily as well as eating directly from the land creates a sort of synchronicity. Sleeping outside amplifies that. You learn to find a rhythm.”


If you want to see more Jackson brothers’ adventures, check out the 2013 Sitka film, the Fortune Wild, that they created from another trip to Haida Gwaii. You can watch it on iTunes here: