Sitka Staff’s Favourite Adventure Spots


Tofino and Ucluelet

The beaches between Tofino and Ucluelet are major Vancouver Island surf destinations. There’s around 35km of surf-able coastline surrounding these communities. Some of the most accessible breaks include Chesterman Beach, Wickaninnish Beach, Florencia Bay, Cox Bay, and Long Beach. There are alternative breaks along the South Coast, however half the fun is locating them—yes, that’s a challenge.

Cox Bay, photo by Kimm Blotto


 Mt. Ozzard

When you’re not surfing around Ucluelet, check out this roughly 860m elevation hike up to the local radar tower. The summit overlooks Tofino’s coastline and even the Broken Group Islands on a clear day. It’s a must-see vantage point along the West Coast Trail.

Top of Mt. Ozzard through the lens of Kimm Blotto


Creyke Point, East Sooke Park

The massive massive park offers near surreal views of a chiseled coastline. Welcome avid hikers, beach loungers, and free spirits. For a feature on Instagram, snap a photo at this Creyke Point and tag us ~ @sitka_

Photo of tiny Kevin Blotto, taken by Kimm Blotto


Avatar Grove

This ancient forest near Port Renfrew features expansive biodiversity and is home to the “Gnarliest Tree in Canada,” as named by the Ancient Forest Alliance who worked to protect Avatar Grove from logging in 2012. The AFA along with Sitka’s help, recently built a boardwalk through the grove to encourage preservation of the environment and safety for visitors.

Kimm Blotto photo


Century Sam Lake

When all conditions permit, your experience here in Strathcona Park could include standing inside a massive ice wave. After getting to the trailhead, you’ll conduct a muddy hike aiming right at the fork in the road. The best time to visit is the end of summer since the ice waves are near impossible to get to in winter. Think of this as a teaser.

Taken by Sitka’s number one adventurer, Kimm Blotto


Make sure to check out our “Outdoor Gear Checklist” before heading out!

Why Sitka’s getting behind Sustainable Coastline’s Flagship Education Centre

Sitka’s been a long time supporter of Sustainable Coastlines ever since it’s inception. In fact, Sitka and Sustainable Coastlines began in New Zealand only months apart, and it was a chance meeting between Sitka’s Andy Howson and Sustainable Coastlines Sam Judd that sparked a long term friendship and partnership. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is one charity that delivers on its mission and has a very clear plan to enable the longevity of that mission.

Sustainable Coastlines have taken on a massive project which will enable them to further their reach for their educational services in driving people to cleanup New Zealand’s beaches and coastlines and also rehabilitate our rivers and waterways. Not only have they decided to build a world class education centre in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter, but they’re doing out of waste material, and using the entire project as an educational too in intself, by retraining offenders and prisoners with new building skills, and young upcoming apprentices. When the project is complete it will have been built to the Living Building Challenge standards and will be net zero water and energy rated. An exceptional achievement by any building standards.

An enormous amount of volunteer time, donated money, products and services have gone in to this multi year project, and they’re so close to completion, they’ve launched a KickStarter campaign to crowdfund the final last legs. Now is your time to show them some love, and you can be rest assured your investment will be helping further the Sustainable Coastlines vision and mission for generations to come.

We’re Hiring!


Well hello there Sitka lover! Are you interested in disruptive business and passionate about protecting the environment that we all call home? Then Sitka would love to hear from you!

We are on the hunt for someone who can lead our Auckland store, and make it a place we’re all happy to call home. There’s a number of great challenges and responsibilities on offer, and if you think you’re the one to take us to the next level, please send through an email to [email protected] with the subject AUCKLAND STORE MANAGER with your CV and a bit about yourself so we can start getting excited!

Preferred candidates will have training and experience in either hospitality or retail, be passionate about the outdoors, surfing, wilderness protection, have a great energy for critical performance and a love for people. If you tick these boxes we’d love to chat!

Applications CLOSE Friday March 3.


Store Manager Job Description

The store manager position is for Sitka’s Auckland store at 125 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby in Auckland. It’s a full time gig including weekend work and you’ll be the go to person for the running of the place.

The manager will be looking after staffing, product ordering, event planning, inventory management and the general all round wellbeing of the location.

Store Manager Responsibilities

Staff Management – hiring, training, performance and rostering.

Cash Management

Inventory Management – ensuring stock levels are correct in store at all times. Ensuring stock management between locations and ordering is up to date.

Sales – Sales growth for the location.

IT Knowledge – Preferred understanding of Shopify, Vend, Sitchlabs and Xero – but not essential.

Events – Instore event planning and running.

Product Knowledge – Will be taught and must be extensive to the lines of product available.

Co-ordinating with online sales

Custom New Zealand Made Surfboards

We are proud of the people that make our Sitka products. All of the craftsmen and craftswomen share our values for looking after our planet and have a keen understanding of what it means to create long lasting products that are fit for purpose and stand the test of time. In our second instalment of the Sitka Makers Series, we would like to introduce you to Hayden Chamberlain, the maker of our Sitka Surfboards.

Sitka Makers Series – Hayden Chamberlain – Shaper from Sitka on Vimeo.

With having such a skilled surfboard shaper on our team, we can produce custom surfboards for any level of surfer riding in any conditions, all made right here in Auckland, New Zealand. We only use the highest quality components and materials, and when these are combined with the knowledge of Hayden Chamberlain, only a quality product can be created.

Our Products

Sitka creates uniforms for enjoying the outdoors. We make goods for those who bike, walk, and skateboard the city; for those who sleep in dewy tents to catch early morning waves or hike mountains and strip naked at the summit; for those who visit sea life in cold oceans; and for those who don’t mind getting dirty and bruised, whether trying a new artistic avenue or crawling across a rock face. Sitka loves your individuality and making versatile clothing you can rely on. That’s why we create ideal uniforms to suit your specific life and style. Your uniform will gain character from experience and age as gracefully as your sense of adventure.
Sitka canoe and surfboard Vancouver Island BC
Sitka goods are made to endure, and they’re made with the earth in mind. Partnering with Sitka means supporting wilderness conservation and favouring natural, less invasive products. We make clothes that last because we’re willing to slow down and show respect for the wild, to enact what we believe in, and to conserve precious resources. Sitka exists to cultivate our relationships with nature by reducing harm in the process.
Here’s how our production aligns with our values:
Sitka Opinel Filet Knife Vancouver Island BC
Sitka creates clothing to nourish an appreciation for the wild. When you think about it, the most sustainable garment is the one you continue to wear. That’s why we focus on uniform performance, longevity, and stylistic versatility. Because when you need less material goods, you find more of everything else. We understand that our belovedly salty, sun-bleached, campfire-infused lives rely on the health of the natural world. Sitka is reaching out to the community of people who share our values, and we’re offering a mindful option when choosing an attractive and functional daily uniform.
Sitka Faribault Blanket Vancouver Island BC
Doing more with less is Sitka’s philosophy. Often, the secret to achieving this goal is to look at valued garments of the past. Sitka researches and adapts practical advantages of traditional manufacturing techniques to fit into our modern lives. We strive to make garments that earn the type of respect given to the old wool sweater you’ve recently inherited. Just like an old woolie, Sitka clothing breaks in instead of wearing out.
 Although Sitka employs meticulous design strategies, we recognize that an element of quality just comes down to feel. You’ll want to wear Sitka not just for our detailed classic aesthetic, but for the way our garments comfortably complement your life.
 Future generations will find our adaptable goods in vintage shops thirty years from now. And in making clothes that last, we seek to lead the industry toward sustainable manufacturing. Sitka is challenging the current wasteful cycle.
Sitka Leave it Better than you found it T-shirt Organic Cotton Vancouver Island
You may be surprised to learn that textile pollution threatens the planet. In fact, creating any type of fabric, whether natural or synthetic, causes harm to the Earth. Turning fibres into fabric involves harmful chemicals and large amounts of energy and water. So when it comes to new fabric, Sitka’s about making responsible choices.
 We’re committed to choosing ethical materials and makers. Sitka favours natural, recycled, and organic fabrics that are 100 percent renewable and biodegradable. This is one of the ways we tackle the growing problem of chemical pollution and microfibre waste. This is why Sitka loves GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton, ethically harvested wool, and recycled cashmere. We employ eco-conscious clothing makers who respect our responsible fabric choices and who follow strict North American environmental regulations.
 Sitka also recognizes that the largest clothing carbon footprint comes from the way we as individuals care for our clothing. For this reason, we design clothing that can be washed less frequently due to their rugged material make-up. We also encourage people to care for their garments in a responsible way. Learn more.
 Ultimately, we create clothing with longevity in mind. We want to make recycling easier, which is why we favour unblended material that is easily sorted and repurposed. Eventually, Sitka plans to offer textile recycling for your used clothing in order to make new items from old fabric. Sitka’s goal to close the loop of clothing creation and disposal; we continue to keep the goal of absolute sustainability in the forefront.
Sitka Wool Hat Made in Canada
In addition to sourcing responsibly, Sitka supports the local economy by manufacturing in Canada and occasionally in the USA. By upholding domestic production, we’re able to take advantage of the strict ecological and sociological rules of North American factories. We also reduce the transportation pollution involved in sending and receiving large quantities of material overseas. Sitka actually visit the sites where our goods are made. All but one Sitka product is made in North America. When we do source elsewhere, it’s because we believe in cutting-edge function, and sometimes there are no makers on the continent who create what we seek. In most cases, and every case possible, we source locally.
Sitka Surfboard Vancouver Island BC
 In the end, Sitka wants to make your experiences more lucid, conscious, and sublimely wild. When you need less, you have more time. And when you have quality goods, you can confidently play.

About us

What Is Sitka


Responsibility can coexist with production.
Our goal is to inspire an accountability to nature and move towards a balance
between conservation and consumerism.
The strategy is simple: leave it (the Earth, the industry, and our community)
better than we found it.

Imagine a production system that replenishes nature.


Sitka enacts systems of giving back when we utilize the Earth’s resources.
The Sitka Society for Conservation is our non-profit organization that enables us to directly fund preservation projects devoted to protecting water, land, creatures, and the wild air we breath.

We create with the intent of doing less — better.
The most sustainable garment is the one you want to wear.


Choosing local and organic food makes sense.
What’s different about our quest for anything else? Sitka offers a conscious choice, and we invite all creators to adopt ethical and quality-based production.

The movement exceeds us.


Sitka nourishes a social movement.
From Sitka staff, to local makers and wilderness activists, we foster support systems for creativity, education, and change.


Sitka creates outdoor essentials that supplement (y)our connection to the wild.
That means high quality goods and an overall need for less, support for local economy and culture, reduced environmental impact and funding for preservation projects.

For creatures of the wild: those who ride, grow, protect, challenge, forage and create.
For anyone inspired by owning as little as possible. And for anyone who’s touched ocean floor or mountain air and liked it.

We deliver outdoor essentials that supplement your connection to the wild, educational stories, and a hell of a lot more to your inbox every week.


Roof Cleaning – Why it’s Important


Getting roof cleaning done by professionals is the only way to ensure the maximum benefits from the work. Professionals have all the necessary tools and equipment to be able to properly perform their job. They know what to do and how to do it.

Roof cleaning Auckland can sometimes be as simple as clearing away old stains. Not only are you not likely to find anything worthwhile, you’re also likely to discover other problems that may be preventing you from seeing everything properly. Instead of letting old spots stick around, it’s wise to pay for someone to have a professional clean your roof.

Getting a cleaning service to clean your roof is an easy and affordable alternative to having the company come out and do the work. They’ve all the tools to make sure you get the best results from your roof cleaning. Roof cleaning Auckland should not be a time consuming project.

It’s important to first understand how the different types of roofs differ. The main types of roofs are shingled, wood, concrete, metal, asphalt, and ceramic tile. When it comes to roof cleaning Auckland, many different materials are being used. There are different cleaning techniques depending on what type of material the roof is made from.

When someone mentions roof cleaning Auckland, what comes to mind? It’s a word that brings to mind millions of homes having problems with water damage or leaking roofs. Roof cleaning Auckland is one of the many jobs needed to keep roofs safe and in good shape. A lot of the old water stains may have been caused by neglect or by animals chewing up the shingles on your roof.

One important thing to remember when doing this kind of work is the time needed to complete the job. Remember the more time the job takes, the less likely it is that you will be able to use it. If you can’t use the job on a regular basis, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Even with the many different companies out there, it’s important to check out who is charging the most for their services. Be sure to get at least two bids. One bid may be low for a reason, in which case it’s time to find a better alternative. The last thing you want is to pay someone to work on your roof for a low rate only to find out the rates are far higher than you had hoped.

One of the main benefits of having a roof cleaning done by professionals is that it’s quick and easy. As mentioned earlier, the roof may be a mess and the top layers may be rotten. But, it’s only going to take one company to take care of it. They will have all the tools necessary to make the job simple and quick.

Doing the work yourself could cost you thousands of dollars. You could end up with a mess and more problems than you started with. Having your roof cleaned professionally will prevent this from happening.

It’s crucial to ensure the highest quality when roof cleaning Auckland. This is done by choosing a company that has experience doing the work. It’s essential to choose a company that is registered with the proper government agencies. This is one way to ensure that they won’t have any criminal offenses against customers.

When it comes to choosing a company, you should be sure to check references. The more reviews you read about them, the better. You need to be sure to choose a company that is reputable and qualified.

It is wise to choose roof cleaning Auckland that is done by professionals. Professional companies know how to get the most out of the job. It’s easy to see why.

Artists in Auckland – Painters in Auckland Provide Services to Artists in Return


Professional painters in Auckland are the most preferred by people. It is a source of income for some artists and offers a lifestyle for others. In fact, professional painters in Auckland are wanted for their work and there are plenty of artists in the city who need employment.

Painting is considered an art. Artists can become skilled in this form of art and create a distinct piece of art that attracts the eye of the onlooker.

Painting in Auckland, like all cities in New Zealand, is a very expensive activity. However, it is also a good way to make a good living. These artists need to hire the best of painters in Auckland to satisfy their clients.

To make this kind of job available to artists in Auckland, some professional organizations have started to offer these services. They cater specifically to artists and enable them to find a permanent place where they can be given a big hand in the process of their business.

Artists need painters in Auckland to make a business, promote their skills and increase their clientele. However, they need to spend money in order to do so. They are able to acquire painters in Auckland from different industries and in exchange, they receive value-added services such as skill training, communication and motivation.

Professional painters in Auckland understand that this job requires a lot of time. They need to communicate with their clientele and do all kinds of research and understanding on the current trends in painting. They need to be able to choose the best techniques and skills to give a better result.

Due to the high competition, it is important for artists to learn the art of selling. It is essential for them to know how to sell and promote their skills and services. They need to be knowledgeable about all kinds of marketing activities and know about the people who need the products and services of the artists.

With professional painters in Auckland, art is no longer about just painting a masterpiece. Artists can add special touches and get their designs engraved into the works of art. These artists will also find a good way to present their own design. They will present their artistic vision to the world in an effective way.

Artists in Auckland make a very good living. They make a considerable amount of money due to the large number of people who want their services. Many clients contact these artists to get their requirements fulfilled. They find pleasure in making the clients happy by giving them the best of services and creativity.

Artists in Auckland have to deal with clients through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It is important for them to be updated with the latest trend and styles. They should know about different aspects of painting like color, lighting, themes and post processing.

They should keep in mind that their work is going to be on display and exposed to the public. They should be able to distinguish what colors, strokes and techniques are going to be used in their pieces. They should be able to put all of their efforts in order to create something that has a unique look and feel.

Clients are provided with sample paintings before they hire the artists. They know what to expect from these painters in Auckland before they begin their project. The prices are based on the type of work and quality of artwork being produced.