Custom New Zealand Made Surfboards

We are proud of the people that make our Sitka products. All of the craftsmen and craftswomen share our values for looking after our planet and have a keen understanding of what it means to create long lasting products that are fit for purpose and stand the test of time. In our second instalment of the Sitka Makers Series, we would like to introduce you to Hayden Chamberlain, the maker of our Sitka Surfboards.

Sitka Makers Series – Hayden Chamberlain – Shaper from Sitka on Vimeo.

With having such a skilled surfboard shaper on our team, we can produce custom surfboards for any level of surfer riding in any conditions, all made right here in Auckland, New Zealand. We only use the highest quality components and materials, and when these are combined with the knowledge of Hayden Chamberlain, only a quality product can be created.

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