Pelican Protector Cases

Pelican Protector Cases are used to store and transport some of the most prized equipment in a photographers arsenal. The cases also secure electronics, chemicals, information and more.

The cases are built rugged and can withstand some of the harshest environments on earth. They feature double-throw latches and are IP67 ingress protection certified.


Whether you’re packing expensive electronics or valuable photographic equipment, Pelican cases keep your gear safe. They’re a popular choice among photographers to keep camera and lighting gear safe on set, and their hard-sided design keeps it secure while traveling.

Even their smaller case options offer impressive protection. The Micro series is perfect for iPods and other petite electric gadgets, while the 1700 model offers no-nonsense rifle and shotgun protection.

It’s large enough to fit two rifles plus scopes and plenty of other accessories. And it’s watertight, crushproof, dustproof and can withstand extreme temperatures—along with an automatic purge valve that equalizes interior pressure changes when you fly or reach high altitudes. Also worth checking out is the Mobile Military line, which features transport cases designed to carry all the gear you could need on the go.


Sensitive equipment needs protection and these Pelican cases deliver. With an automatic purge valve that equalizes atmospheric pressure, a watertight silicone O-ring lid and over-molded rubber handles, they’re designed to handle the harshest environments on earth.

Many models feature a pick-and-pluck foam rubber interior, which can be modified to hold different types of gear. You can even fit a camera with a lens attached by using the padded dividers.

Some users have taken to tying their case shut with zip ties during flights to keep it from accidentally popping open, but this isn’t an ideal solution. The latches are sturdy enough to stay closed if you lock them securely, though. And they’re covered by the warranty in case they do pop open in transit.


If you want to take your camera gear to the beach or out on the water, a Pelican case will protect it from water and dirt. Pelican cases also have a dusttight seal that keeps out contaminants.

The company is committed to safety, and their products are backed up by generous warranties. They also give back to local communities and aid those affected by calamities.

This case features a tough polycarbonate outer shell and a shock-absorbing rubber interior. Its Pick n’ Pluck foam allows you to customize the space inside, making it easy to fit your equipment. To do so, simply trace the outline of your gun or other equipment and remove small cubes of foam until the shape fits snugly. It’s even TSA-approved for air travel.


Corrosion-resistant Pelican cases keep your equipment safe from environmental pollutants, which can damage the case and its contents. They also feature corrosion-resistant latches, hardware and handles. You can even use them in wet environments and underwater.

Each injection-molded case is unbreakable, watertight, dustproof and chemical resistant. It features a solid exterior wall with an open honeycomb cell core for strength and lightweight protection. Its automatic purge valve keeps out water and dust, and it equalizes interior pressure changes when flying or changing altitudes.

You can organize your gear inside the Pelican Protector with Trekpak dividers and Pick N Pluck foam. It’s easy to cut into the foam and shape it to fit your equipment. You can also add a card with your name and phone number in the card holder, so you can get your equipment back should it be lost or stolen.


If you carry expensive electronics, it’s a good idea to protect them with Pelican cases. The company is well-known among photographers for its hard-sided case to keep their camera gear safe, and it also makes cases for firearms, boating equipment and vehicle cargo.

Pelican cases use foam that allows the user to customize the space to fit specific items by using the pick-and-pluck system. Individual cubes of the foam can be plucked out to create custom spaces for anything from a full-size DSLR camera with two lenses to a flashlight.

Pelican cases are designed to withstand the elements and travel through some of the harshest environments on earth. They are also backed by a lifetime warranty against breakage. They have an automatic purge valve that equalizes air pressure, a watertight silicone O-ring lid and stainless steel hardware.

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