Jerry Can 5'10

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Product Information

Sitka 5'10 Jerry Can Single Fin Brand New

5'10  x  20 1/2  x  2 1/2  =  33.67 Litres

Shaped in New Zealand by Hayden Chamberlain

Single Fin Box

Yellow Resin Tint with Black Filler Coat

Inspired by single fin pioneers Gerry Lopez and Michael Peterson, the Jerry Can is a great step down from a longboard or mini mal. Whether you’re a seasoned charger or stoked beginner, you’ll love the lines this board can draw in everything from mellow beaches to firing barrels. Note that this board is not a replica of old designs, but rather a slight evolution – with a slightly wider nose and modernized concave and rails, it offers versatility and performance through a wide range of conditions. It retains the look and feel of a classic single fin, but will perform better in almost any size of surf.