Why iPhone Screen Replacement May Be More Expensive

If you need to replace the screen of your iPhone, it is a smart move to take it to an Apple authorized repair service. There are several reasons why you should do so, including the fact that Apple provides quality repair services at an affordable price. Read on to find out why a new screen may be more expensive than repairing the old one. You also need to make sure that the Apple repair service is authorized and will use genuine Apple parts.

Apple-authorized iPhone screen repair service

When your iPhone needs a screen repair, there are a few things you should look for before hiring someone. First, you should look for an Apple-authorized repair service. They will use genuine Apple parts and hire highly trained professionals. Secondly, you should make sure to get a warranty. Apple offers a 90-day guarantee on repaired parts. While Apple is the best option for newer models of iPhones, it might not make sense to use one of their authorized repair centers if you are still using an older model.

If your iPhone is still under warranty, you may want to use an Apple-authorized service. While Apple doesn’t replace screens, it does offer a warranty that covers them. This warranty is worth checking into because many Apple-authorized service providers will replace screens for free if you have a problem with your screen. In addition, Apple stores are authorized to repair screens for Apple products, so you may want to check with your local store to see if they offer this service.

Another option is to purchase AppleCare+ insurance coverage for your iPhone. This will cover your screen replacement costs up to $100. But you should understand that AppleCare+ covers only accidental damage to the screen. If your phone gets damaged outside of the warranty, you will have to pay for the service yourself. However, it is recommended to buy AppleCare+ if you plan on using your iPhone for a long time.

Cost of iPhone screen repair

The cost of iPhone screen repair is much higher than for a replacement screen from Samsung or Apple. The cost of repair is based on the size of the screen and how much damage it’s sustained. While you can take your phone to an Apple-certified repair shop, it’s still best to avoid going to unregulated mechanics as this can invalidate your warranty. A good way to compare the costs of screen repair is to compare them to the price of a new phone.

An Apple service center is a great option if you’re close to the store and have an appointment. If you’re in a hurry, you can mail in your phone and Apple will repair it in a matter of five to nine days. However, you should remember that you can also find third-party repair shops that specialize in iPhone screens. Although they might charge you less than Apple charges, it’s important to be aware that third-party repairs can void your warranty and may cause your phone to break in the process.

Apple will cover your iPhone screen repair for free if your phone is still under warranty, but you’ll pay between $129 and $329 for the service. If you have AppleCare+, the service fee will be waived. Apple can also send you a service technician if you’d like. You can also schedule an appointment with them online and they’ll send someone to your home to fix your phone. Just make sure to contact Apple for more details.

Cost of iPhone screen replacement

The cost of iPhone screen replacement is dependent on the type of repair required and the model of the phone. Newer models have larger screens and the quality of the glass used in the replacement screen is higher. If your iPhone is more than five years old, you can expect to pay four or five times the price for a screen replacement than if you have an older model. This makes it important to be extra careful when using your phone, because the less damage you cause, the less you will have to pay.

Apple has set a repair price for your iPhone. It’s called “out-of-warranty” pricing, and assumes the screen is the only thing broken. However, screen repairs are rarely covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Apple Authorized Service Providers usually follow these prices, but they are not required to use their own methods. Therefore, the cost of iPhone screen repair can be more than several hundred dollars.

Apple’s website lists its prices for iPhone screen replacement. The prices vary, but they typically range from $119 for an iPhone 5 or SE model to $329 for an iPhone 7 Plus. Depending on the severity of the damage, larger models may cost a little more. To get an idea of what you can expect to pay, it’s helpful to compare prices from Apple and third-party repair services. Then, reach out to several technicians and ask them about their prices. Ask them what kind of warranty they offer and the extent of the damage. Choose a technician with good reviews and look at before-and-after photos.

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