Why Sitka’s getting behind Sustainable Coastline’s Flagship Education Centre

Sitka’s been a long time supporter of Sustainable Coastlines ever since it’s inception. In fact, Sitka and Sustainable Coastlines began in New Zealand only months apart, and it was a chance meeting between Sitka’s Andy Howson and Sustainable Coastlines Sam Judd that sparked a long term friendship and partnership. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is one charity that delivers on its mission and has a very clear plan to enable the longevity of that mission.

Sustainable Coastlines have taken on a massive project which will enable them to further their reach for their educational services in driving people to cleanup New Zealand’s beaches and coastlines and also rehabilitate our rivers and waterways. Not only have they decided to build a world class education centre in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter, but they’re doing out of waste material, and using the entire project as an educational too in intself, by retraining offenders and prisoners with new building skills, and young upcoming apprentices. When the project is complete it will have been built to the Living Building Challenge standards and will be net zero water and energy rated. An exceptional achievement by any building standards.

An enormous amount of volunteer time, donated money, products and services have gone in to this multi year project, and they’re so close to completion, they’ve launched a KickStarter campaign to crowdfund the final last legs. Now is your time to show them some love, and you can be rest assured your investment will be helping further the Sustainable Coastlines vision and mission for generations to come.

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